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Tanzanites are truly one of the most gorgeous, versatile gemstones in nature which can be paired with any outfit.

Tanzanites are the birthstones for December making it the perfect gift for Christmas!

They belong to the Zoisite family of gemstones; they are a 6.5 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. These stones are pretty durable and should not chip or crack unless used very roughly. Most tanzanites are heated to get their vibrant blue color. This heat treatment is permanent and irreversible; the color of the stone will not change with time or any other natural factors.
They can be cleaned in any regular jewelry cleaner and will not be affected by low amounts of heat or pressure.

Following are the details on this particular stone:

CODE: S-1-11830
WEIGHT: 1.90 Carats
SIZE: 6.8 X 9.3 MM

1.90 cts - Tanzanite Loose Natural Gemstones - Oval Shape

SKU: S-1-11830
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